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Vilimir Yordanov

Vilimir Yordanov
Financial Engineering (Fixed Income, Derivatives, Credit, FX), Global Macro, and Asset Management

Vil­imir has a back­ground in Eco­nom­ics and Mathem­at­ics. After an em­ploy­ment as a port­fo­lio man­ager at the largest Bul­garian as­set man­age­ment com­pany, he de­cided to get ad­vanced know­ledge in Fin­ance on post­gradu­ate level. He thinks that such is re­quired with the growth of com­plic­a­tion in fin­an­cial mar­kets. He con­siders that the­ory and prac­tice should go hand in hand and he tar­gets his re­search at pur­su­ing such type of novel fin­an­cial mar­kets ap­plic­a­tions by com­bin­ing aca­demic work with in­dus­trial con­sult­ing.

Vil­imir is mainly in­ter­ested in Fin­an­cial En­gin­eer­ing and Global Macro. He fo­cuses his work on pri­cing and risk man­age­ment of fin­an­cial in­stru­ments from dif­fer­ent as­set classes (bias to­wards Fixed In­come) us­ing the tools of Fin­an­cial Mathem­at­ics. He also goes fur­ther and by em­ploy­ing struc­tural macro in­tu­ition ana­lyses what factors drive their prices aim­ing at fur­ther ap­plic­a­tions in port­fo­lio man­age­ment, (quant) re­search and strategy, and trad­ing.