Özlem Dursun-de Neef, VGSF Alumni (2013)
Junior Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt

I would re­com­mend VGSF to my mas­ter stu­dents and I already have. The pro­gram provides a stim­u­lat­ing en­vir­on­ment for re­search.

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We of­fer fully-­fun­ded PhD pos­i­tions to am­bi­tious and ded­ic­ated stu­dents who are in­ter­ested in a chal­len­ging and in­spir­a­tional learn­ing ex­per­i­ence in the field of fin­ance. The PhD pro­gram is a 5-year, full-­time pro­gram or­gan­ized jointly by the Uni­versity of Vi­enna and WU Vi­enna.

Video VGSF PhD in Finance: We guide you towards your future

VGSF PhD in Finance: We guide you…

Top 5 reas­ons why you should choose VGSF


Standard PhD Format

Struc­tured PhD pro­gram

Our pro­gram matches the US and in­ter­na­tional stand­ard format: the first two years in­volve course­work to equip you with the tools ne­ces­sary to con­duct in­nov­at­ive re­search in fin­ance and per­form inde­pend­ent work on re­search pro­jects.

This format provides you with solid found­a­tions in the the­ory and em­pir­ical meth­ods that are ap­plied in fin­ance to con­duct your re­search.



Strong su­per­vi­sion and ment­or­ship

You will re­ceive con­tinu­ous and ex­tens­ive sup­port by the fac­ulty. VGSF has an open-­door ap­proach that in­tends to en­cour­age dia­logue and help you in choos­ing your su­per­visor(s).

Most stu­dents choose their su­per­visor(s) in their second year, after they ex­plored dif­fer­ent re­search areas and been fully ac­quain­ted with the fac­ulty.



Re­search ex­cel­lence

The VGSF fac­ulty mem­bers are lead­ing ex­perts in their fields and col­lab­or­ate reg­u­larly with renowned ex­perts and aca­dem­ics who are often in­vited to VGSF as guest lec­tur­ers or for sem­inars.

The fac­ulty works with stu­dents to achieve state-of-the-art re­search. VGSF wants you to fo­cus on your re­search, for this reason only little teach­ing is re­quired.


Career network

Top in­ter­na­tional place­ments

We have built a world­wide net­work with our gradu­ates who hold pos­i­tions in top aca­demic and in­dustry in­sti­tu­tions like Ch­icago Booth, Boc­coni Uni­versity, and many more. Our stu­dents se­cured top-­level jobs in ex­cel­lent in­sti­tu­tions after gradu­ation and VGSF reg­u­larly in­vites them for sem­inars so that they can pass on their valu­able ex­per­i­ence and know­ledge to the cur­rent stu­dents.




You do not need to find ad­di­tional fund­ing to sub­sid­ize you PhD, as you will be em­ployed by one of the uni­versit­ies. We of­fer you com­pet­it­ive fund­ing, which in­cludes a monthly salary and sub­sidies to at­tend con­fer­ences. Your salary in­cludes health in­sur­ance and you re­ceive a net salary, en­tail­ing that you would not need to file your taxes.

Bo­nus: reason #6

Vienna Canal

Vi­enna - state of the art liv­ing

Don't for­get, you would be liv­ing in Vi­enna - the most liv­able city in the word for the ninth year in a row ac­cord­ing to the Mer­cer's Qual­ity of Liv­ing sur­vey!

Vi­enna has a lot to of­fer and will ac­com­mod­ate every­one’s taste: visit the many cafés, mu­seums, theat­ers and events or stroll through the vine­yards in and around the city. Vi­enna provides a safe and stable en­vir­on­ment, great pub­lic util­it­ies and trans­port­a­tion fa­cil­it­ies, as well as plenty of re­cre­ational fa­cil­it­ies.