Alexander Mürmann

Prof. for Risk Management and Insurance
WU Vienna - Department for Finance, Accounting and Statistics
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Be­ha­vi­oral De­cision The­ory, Asym­met­ric In­form­a­tion in In­sur­ance Mar­kets, Fin­an­cial In­ter­me­di­ar­ies, Solvency Reg­u­la­tion

Se­lec­ted Pub­lic­a­tions
  • Geyer, A., Kremslehner, D., Muer­mann, A. (2020): Asym­met­ric In­form­a­tion in Auto­mobile In­sur­ance: Evid­ence from Driv­ing Be­ha­vior, Journal of Risk and In­sur­ance, 87 (4), 969-995.
  • Peer, S., A. Muer­mann, and K. Sallinger (2020): Ap­p-­based Feed­back on Safety to Novice Drivers: Learn­ing and Mon­et­ary In­cent­ives, Trans­port­a­tion Re­search Part F: Psy­cho­logy and Be­ha­vi­our, 71, 198-219.

  • Huang, R.J., Muer­mann, A., Tz­eng, L.Y. (2016): Hid­den Re­gret in In­sur­ance Mar­kets, Journal of Risk and In­sur­ance, 83 (1), 181-216.    
  • Fili­povic, D., Kremslehner, R., Muer­mann, A. (2015): Op­timal In­vest­ment and Premium Policies un­der Risk Shift­ing and Solvency Reg­u­la­tion, Journal of Risk and In­sur­ance, 82 (2), 261-288; this pa­per won the AX­A-EGRIE Prize at the World Risk and In­sur­ance Eco­nom­ics Con­gress in 2010.
  • Do­herty, N.A., Laux, C., Muer­mann, A. (2015): In­sur­ing Non­veri­fi­able Losses, Re­view of Fin­ance, 19 (1), 83-316.
  • Gol­lier, C., Muer­mann A. (2010): Op­timal Choice and Be­liefs with Ex Ante Sa­vor­ing and Ex Post Dis­ap­point­ment, Man­age­ment Science, 56 (8), 1272-1284.
  • Laux, C., Muer­mann A. (2010): Fin­an­cing Risk Trans­fer un­der Gov­ernance Prob­lems: Mu­tual versus Stock In­surers, Journal of Fin­an­cial In­ter­me­di­ation, 19 (3), 333-354.
  • Braun, M., Muer­mann A. (2004): The Im­pact of Re­gret on the De­mand for In­sur­ance, Journal of Risk and In­sur­ance, 71(4), 737-767; this pa­per won the Robert I. Mehr Award 2014 pub­lished in the Journal of Risk and In­sur­ance ten years ago that has best stood the test of time.
  • 2020: Co-Ed­itor (with Ca­sey Roth­schild) of Spe­cial Is­sue: Cov­id-19: the Eco­nom­ics of Pan­demic Risks and In­sur­ance, 2020, Geneva Risk and In­sur­ance Re­view 45(2).
  • since 2019: Co-Ed­it­or­-in-Chief, Geneva Risk and In­sur­ance Re­view.
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