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Sum­mer Term 2018

March 09Lauren Co­henHar­vard Busi­ness School
March 16Paul WhelanCopen­ha­gen Busi­ness School
March 23Ev­geny Ly­andresBo­ston Uni­versity,
Questrom School of Busi­ness
April 04Ruedi­ger Fah­len­brachEPFL
April 13Renee AdamsThe Uni­versity of New South Wales
April 20Toni WhitedUni­versity of Michigan,
Ross School of Busi­ness
May 04Svet­lana Bryz­galovaStan­ford Uni­versity
May 11Francesca Cor­nelliLon­don Busi­ness School
May 18Chris­tian OppWhar­ton Busi­ness School
May 25Eduardo SchwartzUCLA    
June 08Bur­ton Hol­li­fieldCMU Tep­per School of Busi­ness
June 15Kathy YuanLon­don School of Eco­nom­ics
June 22Andrew El­lulIn­di­ana Uni­versity, Kel­ley School of Busi­ness
June 27Itay Gold­steinWhar­ton Busi­ness School
June 29Martin ÖhmkeLon­don School of Eco­nom­ics

Win­ter Term 2017

  • Al­ex­an­der Stom­per (Ber­lin's Hum­boldt Uni­versity), "The sta­bil­ity of di­vidends and wages: ef­fects of com­pet­itor in­flex­ib­il­ity"
  • Char­les Ca­lo­miris (Columbia Busi­ness School), "Cap­ital In­flows, Equity Is­su­ance Activ­ity, and Cor­por­ate In­vest­ment"
  • Luke Taylor (Whar­ton Busi­ness School), "Port­fo­lio Li­quid­ity and Di­ver­si­fic­a­tion: The­ory and Evid­ence"
  • David Lando (Copen­ha­gen Busi­ness School), "Gen­er­al­ized Re­cov­ery"
  • An­jan Thakor (Olin Busi­ness School), "In­ter­me­di­ation Vari­ety"
  • Florian Heider (European Cent­ral Bank), "Op­timal Mar­gins and Equi­lib­rium Prices"
  • Al­berto Manconi (Boc­coni Uni­versity), "Credit, Labor, and Polit­ical Un­rest: Evid­ence from 1930s Ch­ina"
  • Jean-Pi­erre Zi­grand (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics), "Sys­temic Risk and the Dy­nam­ics of Tem­por­ary Fin­an­cial Net­works"
  • Jean-E­d­ou­ard Col­liard (HEC, Paris), "Fin­an­cial Re­struc­tur­ing and Res­ol­u­tion of Banks"

Sum­mer term 2017

  • Jonathan Berk (Stan­ford Uni­versity, Gradu­ate School of Busi­ness) "Mu­tual Funds in Equi­lib­rium"
  • Emanuel Mönch (Deutsche Bundes­bank) "Reach for Yield in In­vest­ment Funds"
  • Bo Becker (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics) "Con­ven­ant-­light Con­tracts and Cred­itor Co­ordin­a­tion"
  • Chris­tian Leuz (Ch­icago Booth) "An In­form­a­tion-­The­or­etic As­set Pri­cing Model"
  • Chris­tian Ju­l­liard (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics)
  • Zhiguo He (Ch­icago Booth) "Lever­age Dy­nam­ics without Com­mit­ment"
  • Ron Kaniel (Uni­versity of Rochester) "Re­l­at­ive Pay for Non-Re­l­at­ive Per­form­ance Keep­ing up with the Joneses with Op­timal Con­tracts"
  • Vin­cent Glode (Whar­ton Busi­ness School) "Vol­un­tary Dis­clos­ure in Bi­lat­eral Trans­ac­tions"
  • Al­ex­an­der Gümbel (Toulouse School of Eco­nom­ics) "A Wel­fare Ana­lysis of Seg­men­ted Li­quid­ity Mar­kets"
  • To­bias Berg (Frank­furt School of Fin­ance and Man­age­ment ) "Brexit and the Con­trac­tion of Syn­dic­ated Lend­ing"
  • Steven On­gena (Uni­versity of Zurich) "Changes in the Cost of Bank Equity and the Sup­ply of Bank Credit"
  • Patrick Bolton (Columbia Uni­versity) "The End of the “Mod­ern Cor­por­a­tion”: De­reg­u­la­tion and Own­er­ship of Elec­tric Util­it­ies"
  • Ad­ri­ano Rampini (Duke Uni­versity) "Fin­an­cing Dur­able As­sets"
  • Paola Sapi­enza (North­west­ern Uni­versity, Kel­log School of Man­age­ment)

Win­ter Term 2016

  • Florian Ederer (Yale School of Man­age­ment), "Com­mon Own­er­ship, Com­pet­i­tion, and Top Man­age­ment In­cent­ives"
  • An­ton Kor­inek (John Hop­kins Uni­versity), "Fin­an­cial In­nov­a­tion for Rent Ex­trac­tion"
  • Andrew Win­ton (Carlson School of Man­age­ment, Min­nesota), "Lender Moral Haz­ard and Repu­ta­tion in Ori­gin­ate-to-Dis­trib­ute Mar­kets"
  • Gior­gia Pi­a­centino (Wash­ing­ton Uni­versity)
  • Laura Starks (Uni­versity of Texas, Austin), "Eco­nomic Policy Un­cer­tainty, Learn­ing and In­cent­ives: The­ory and Evid­ence on Mu­tual Funds"
  • Li He (WU), "Payroll and Fin­an­cial Lever­age"
  • Vasso Ioan­nidou (Lan­caster Uni­versity), "Do Cent­ral Banks Face a Pos­it­ive-­Profit Con­straint?"
  • Espen Hen­riksen (BI Nor­we­gian Busi­ness School), "The Risky Cap­ital of Emer­ging Mar­kets"
  • Oliver Boguth (Ari­zona State Uni­versity), "The Fra­gil­ity of Or­gan­iz­a­tion Cap­ital"
  • Tarek Has­san (Ch­icago Booth), "Cur­rency Maip­u­la­tion"
  • Fil­ippo Ip­polito (Pom­peu Fabra Uni­versity), "Levered Re­turns and Cap­ital Struc­ture Im­bal­ances"
  • Quxian Zhang (Er­asmus Uni­versity Rot­ter­dam), "Why Do Dis­tressed Firms Ac­quire?"

Sum­mer Term 2016

  • Sunil Wa­hal (Ari­zona State Uni­versity), "The De­mand for Di­ver­si­fic­a­tion in In­com­plete Mar­kets"
  • Josef Zech­ner (WU), "Debt Ma­tur­ity and the Dy­nam­ics of Lever­age"
  • Sudipto Dasgupta (Lan­caster Uni­versity), "So­cial Con­nec­tions, and the Bound­ary of the Firm"
  • Doron Levit (Whar­ton), "Gov­ern­ing Mul­tiple Firms"
  • Rainer Hasel­mann (Goethe, Frank­furt), "Rent-Seek­ing in El­ite Net­works"
  • Marco Pa­gano (Uni­versity of Naples), "Cor­por­ate Lever­age and Em­ploy­ees’ Rights in Bank­ruptcy"
  • Mungo Wilson (Said Busi­ness School, Ox­ford), "One Cent­ral Bank to Rule Them All"
  • Yuri Tser­lukevich (Ari­zona State Uni­versity), "Is Mar­ket Tim­ing Good for Share­hold­ers?"
  • Ilona Babenko (Ari­zona State Uni­versity), "In­form­a­tion Ac­quis­i­tion and Cor­por­ate Debt Il­li­quid­ity"
  • Tarun Chor­dia (Emory Uni­versity), "Do High Fre­quency Traders Need to be Reg­u­lated? Evid­ence from Trad­ing on Mac­roe­co­nomic An­nounce­ments"
  • Nor­man Schürhoff (Uni­versity of Lausanne), "Re­la­tion­ship Trad­ing in OTC Mar­kets"
  • Clemens Si­alm (Uni­versity of Texas, Austin), "Gov­ern­ment Debt and Cap­ital Struc­ture De­cisions: In­ter­na­tional Evid­ence"
  • Sh­eridan Tit­man (Uni­versity of Texas), "Cre­at­ive De­struc­tion, In­vestor Be­liefs and the Evolu­tion of Stock Re­turns"
  • Er­wan Mo­rel­lec (EPFL), "Rollover Traps"    

Win­ter Term 2015

  • Ajay Sub­ramanian (Geor­gia State Uni­versity), "Own­er­ship Struc­ture, In­cent­ives and As­set Prices"
  • Hanno Lustig (Stan­ford Uni­versity), "Does Mar­ket In­com­plete­ness Help to Ex­plain Ex­change Rates?"
  • Mikhail Ch­ernov (UCLA), "Term struc­tures of as­set prices and re­turns"
  • Guil­laume Vuille­mey (HEC), "De­riv­at­ives and in­terest rate risk man­age­ment by com­mer­cial banks"
  • Rick Sias (The Uni­versity of Ari­zona), "Who are the Sen­ti­ment Traders? Evid­ence from the Cross-Sec­tion of Stock Re­turns and De­mand"
  • Robert Bush­man (Uni­versity of North Car­o­lina), "The In­form­a­tional Role of the Me­dia in Private Lend­ing"
  • Paul Schultz (Uni­versity of No­tre Dame), "Li­quid­ity in a Mar­ket for Unique As­sets Spe­cified Pool and TBA Trad­ing in the Mort­gage Backed Se­cur­it­ies Mar­ket"
  • Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Prin­ceton Uni­versity), "Whole­sale Bank­ing and Bank Runs in Mac­roe­co­nomic Mod­el­ling of Fin­an­cial Crises"
  • Alex Ed­mans (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Fin­an­cing Through As­set Sales"
  • Ludovic Phalip­pou (Ox­ford Uni­versity)
  • Maria Chader­ina (WU), "Hedging News with Cash and Debt"
  • Fre­derico Belo (Uni­versity of Min­nesota), "Ex­ternal Equity Fin­an­cing Shocks, Fin­an­cial Flows, and As­set Prices"
  • Ern­st-Lud­wig von Thad­den (Uni­versity of Man­nheim), "A Cor­por­ate Gov­ernance As­set Pri­cing Model: The­ory and Evid­ence"

Sum­mer Term 2015

  • Karin S. Thor­burn (Nor­we­gian School of Eco­nom­ics), "Are stock­-fin­anced takeovers op­por­tun­istic?"
  • Chris­tian Wag­ner (Copen­ha­gen Busi­ness School), "Does cent­ral bank tone move as­set prices?"
  • Nic­ola Gen­naioli (Boc­coni Uni­versity), "Ste­reo­types"
  • Kent Smet­ters (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania Whar­ton), "A Sharper Ra­tio: A Gen­eral Meas­ure for Cor­rectly Rank­ing Non-Nor­mal In­vest­ment Risks"
  • Nic­olas Pet­rosky-N­adeau (Carne­gie Mel­lon Uni­versity), "En­do­gen­ous Crises and As­set Prices"
  • Chris­topher Hen­nessy (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Nat­ural Ex­per­i­ment Policy Evalu­ation: A Cri­tique"
  • Andrey Malenko (MIT Sloan School of Man­age­ment), "Tim­ing De­cisions in Or­gan­iz­a­tions: Com­mu­nic­a­tion and Au­thor­ity in a Dy­namic En­vir­on­ment"
  • Nikolaus Hautsch (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "The Hid­den Side of the Mar­ket: Order Ex­pos­ure and Li­quid­ity Co­ordin­a­tion"
  • Rick Green (Carne­gie Mel­lon Uni­versity), "Ad­vance Re­fund­ings of Mu­ni­cipal Bonds"
  • An­toinette Schoar (MIT Sloan School of Man­age­ment), "Changes in Buyer Com­pos­i­tion and the Ex­pan­sion of Credit dur­ing the Boom"
  • Ivan Shaliastovich (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania Whar­ton), "Mon­et­ary Policy Risks in the Bond Mar­kets and Mac­roe­conomy"
  • Nikolai Rous­sanov (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania Whar­ton), "Frack­ing, Drilling, and As­set Pri­cing: Es­tim­at­ing the Eco­nomic Be­ne­fits of the Shale Re­volu­tion"
  • Gyöngyi Lor­anth (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "Bank Pay­out Policy, Per­form­ance, and In­sider Trad­ing in the Fin­an­cial Crisis of 2007-2009"

Win­ter term 2014

  • Mike Burkart (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics), "Act­iv­ist Funds, Lever­age, and Pro­cyc­lic­al­ity"
  • Torben Ander­sen (North­west­ern Uni­versity), "Para­met­ric In­fer­ence and Dy­namic State Re­cov­ery from Op­tion Pan­els" and "The Risk Premia Embed­ded in In­dex Op­tions"
  • Lars-Al­ex­an­der Kühn (Carne­gie Mel­lon Uni­versity), "A Labor Cap­ital As­set Pri­cing Model"
  • Mi­chael Weber (Uni­versity of Ch­icago), "Nom­inal Ri­gid­it­ies and As­set Pri­cing"
  • Pete Kyle (Uni­versity of Maryland), "Smooth Trad­ing with Over­con­fid­ence and Mar­ket Power"
  • Howard Kung (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Gov­ern­ment Ma­tur­ity Struc­ture Twists"
  • Tho­mas Gehrig (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "Loan Sales and Screen­ing In­cent­ives"
  • Jin Yu (Uni­versity of New South Wales), "A The­ory of Fam­ily Own­er­ship"
  • Sumit Agar­wal (Na­tional Uni­versity of Singa­pore), "Age of De­cision: Pen­sion Sav­ings With­drawal and Con­sump­tion and Debt Re­sponse"
  • Chester Spatt (Carne­gie Mel­lon Uni­versity), "A solu­tion to the Palm–3Com spinoff puzzles"
  • Robert Dittmar (Uni­versity of Michigan), "Firm Char­ac­ter­ist­ics, Con­sump­tion Risk, and Firm­-­Level Risk Ex­pos­ures"
  • Robert Kosowski (Im­per­ial Col­lege Lon­don), "The Ef­fect of reg­u­lat­ory con­straints on fund per­form­ance New evid­ence from UCITS hedge funds"
  • Stephan Siegel (Uni­versity of Wash­ing­ton), "The Cul­tural Ori­gin of Pref­er­ences: CEO Cul­tural Her­it­age and Cor­por­ate In­vest­ment"

Sum­mer term 2014

  • Peter Bos­saerts (Cali­for­nia In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy), "'Lu­cas' In The Lab­or­at­ory"
  • David Scharf­stein (Har­vard Busi­ness School), "Dol­lar Fund­ing and the Lend­ing Be­ha­vior of Global Banks"
  • Al­ex­an­der Ljun­gqv­ist (NYU Stern School of Busi­ness), "How Con­strain­ing Are Lim­its to Ar­bit­rage? Evid­ence from a Re­cent Fin­an­cial In­nov­a­tion"
  • Günter Strobl (Frank­furt School of Fin­ance & Man­age­ment), "Credit Rat­ings: Stra­tegic Is­suer Dis­clos­ure and Op­timal Screen­ing"
  • Toni Whited (Uni­versity of Rochester, Si­mon Gradu­ate School of Busi­ness), "Col­lat­eral, Taxes, and Lever­age"
  • Ralph Koijen (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Shadow In­sur­ance"
  • Ad­lai Fisher (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia, Sauder School of Busi­ness), "Ho­ri­zon Ef­fects in Aver­age Re­turns: The Role of Het­ero­gen­eous In­form­a­tion Dif­fu­sion"
  • Ruedi­ger Fah­len­brach (Swiss Fin­ance In­sti­tute, Ecole Poly­tech­nique Fédérale de Lausanne), "Why Do Banks Prac­tice Reg­u­lat­ory Ar­bit­rage? Evid­ence from Us­age of Trust Pre­ferred Se­cur­it­ies"
  • Pi­er­re-Olivier Weill (UCLA), "The Mar­ket for OTC De­riv­at­ives"
  • Zacharias Saut­ner (Frank­furt School of Fin­ance & Man­age­ment), "The Ef­fect of Ma­na­gerial Short-Ter­mism on Cor­por­ate In­vest­ment"
  • Igor Makarov (Lon­don School of Economis), "Ar­bit­rage Trad­ing with Mark­ing-to-­mar­ket and Price Im­pact"
  • Richard Lowery (Uni­versity of Texas at Austin, Mc­Combs School of Busi­ness), "The costs of clos­ing failed banks: A struc­tural es­tim­a­tion of reg­u­lat­ory in­cent­ives"
  • Mal­colm Baker (Har­vard Busi­ness School), "Do strict cap­ital re­quire­ments raise the cost of cap­ital? Bank­ing reg­u­la­tion and the low risk an­om­aly"
  • Peter Feldhütter (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "The Credit Spread Puzzle - Myth or Real­ity"
  • Florian Heider (European Cent­ral Bank), "As Cer­tain as Debt and Taxes: Es­tim­at­ing the Tax Sens­it­iv­ity of Lever­age from State Tax Changes"
  • Hol­ger Kraft (Frank­furt Uni­versity Goethe Busi­ness School), "Con­sump­tion and Wage Humps in Li­fe­cycle Mod­els"

Win­ter Term 2013

  • Rossen Valkanov (UC San Diego Rady School of Man­age­ment), "Ad­vant­ages and Dis­ad­vant­ages of Se­cur­it­iz­a­tion: Evid­ence from Com­mer­cial Mort­gages"
  • Peter Kon­dor (Cent­ral European Uni­versity), "Trad­ing and In­form­a­tion Dif­fu­sion in Over­-the-­Coun­ter Mar­kets"
  • Lubos Pas­tor (Uni­versity of Ch­icago - Booth School of Busi­ness), "Scale and skill in act­ive man­age­ment"
  • Wolf Wag­ner (Til­burg School of Eco­nom­ics and Man­age­ment), "The Dis­turb­ing In­ter­ac­tion between Coun­ter­cyc­lical Cap­ital Re­quire­ments and Sys­temic Risk"
  • Andrea Caggese (Uni­versitat Pom­peu Fabra), "Con­straints, Firm Dy­nam­ics and In­nov­a­tion"
  • Maria Cecilia Bustamante (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics), "Pro­duct Mar­ket Com­pet­i­tion and In­dustry Re­turns"
  • Doron Av­ramov (The Hebrew Uni­versity of Jer­u­s­alem), "Time-Vary­ing Mo­mentum Pay­offs and Il­li­quid­ity"
  • Mi­chael Halling (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics), "Vi­ol­a­tions of the Law of One Fee in the Mu­tual Fund In­dustry"
  • Bart Lam­brecht (Uni­versity of Cam­bridge), "The Dy­nam­ics of In­vest­ment, Pay­out and Debt"
  • Car­olin Pflueger (UBC Sauder School of Busi­ness), "Mon­et­ary Policy Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks"
  • Kon­stantin Mil­bradt (MIT Sloan School of Man­age­ment), "Quan­ti­fy­ing Li­quid­ity and De­fault Risks of Cor­por­ate Bonds over the Busi­ness Cycle"
  • Paul Schneider (Uni­versity of Lugano), "Gen­er­al­ized Risk Premia - The Eco­nomic Value of Pre­dict­ab­il­ity"
  • Lori­ana Pelizzon (SAFE - Goethe Uni­versity Frank­furt), "Sov­er­eign Credit Risk, Li­quid­ity and ECB In­ter­ven­tion: Deus Ex Mach­ina?"
  • James Dow (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Fin­an­cial Con­tract­ing, Lim­ited Li­ab­il­ity and Bubbles"

Sum­mer Term 2013

  • Eric Hugh­son (Clare­mont McK­enna Col­lege), "The Ef­fect of Cent­ral­ized Clear­ing on Mar­ket Li­quid­ity: Lessons from the NYSE"
  • Frank­lin Al­len (The Whar­ton School - Uni­versity of Pennsylvania), "De­pos­its and Bank Cap­ital Struc­ture"
  • Lasse Peder­sen (Copen­ha­gen Busi­ness School), "Embed­ded Lever­age"
  • Philip Dy­b­vig (Olin School of Busi­ness at Wash­ing­ton Uni­versity in Saint Louis), "High Hopes and Dis­ap­point­ment"
  • Olivia Mitchell (The Whar­ton School - Uni­versity of Pennsylvania), "Op­timal Fin­an­cial Know­ledge and Wealth Inequal­ity"
  • Vi­cente Cunat (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics), "Say Pays! Share­holder Voice and Firm Per­form­ance"
  • Kai Li (Sauder School of Busi­ness - Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia), "In­vestor My­opia and CEO Turnover:Evid­ence from Private Firms"
  • Xavier Giroud (MIT Sloan School of Man­age­ment), "Cap­ital and Labor Real­loc­a­tion In­side Firms"
  • Joel Sha­piro (Ox­ford Uni­versity), "A Mech­an­ism for LIBOR"
  • Martin Oehmke (Columbia Busi­ness School, New York), "Syn­thetic or Real? The Equi­lib­rium Ef­fect of Credit De­fault Swaps on Bond Mar­kets"
  • Raman Up­pal (ED­HEC Busi­ness School, Lon­don), "Com­par­ing Dif­fer­ent Reg­u­lat­ory Meas­ures to Con­trol Stock Mar­ket Volat­il­ity"
  • Robert DeYoung (Kansas Uni­versity), "Econom­ies of Scale and the Eco­nomic Role of Banks"
  • Damir Fili­povic (Swiss Fin­ance In­sti­tute – EPFL), "Risk-­Based Solvency Reg­u­la­tion and Scen­ario Ag­greg­a­tion"
  • Vikrant Vig (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Cul­tural Prox­im­ity and Loan Out­comes"
  • Ed van Wesep (Uni­versity of North Car­o­lina), "The Qual­ity of Ex­pert­ise"
  • Martin Hell­wig (Max Planck In­sti­tute for Re­search on Col­lect­ive Goods), "Debt Over­hang and Bank Cap­ital Reg­u­la­tion"
  • Douglas Dia­mond (Booth School of Busi­ness - Uni­versity of Ch­icago), "A The­ory of Debt Ma­tur­ity: The Long and Short of Debt Over­hang"

Win­ter Term 2012

  • Su­ley­man Ba­sak (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "As­set Prices and In­sti­tu­tional In­vestors"
  • Stefan Na­gel (Stan­ford Gradu­ate School of Busi­ness), "Siz­ing Up Repo"
  • Peter De­Marzo (Stan­ford Gradu­ate School of Busi­ness), "Risk­ing Other People's Money: Gambling, Lim­ited Li­ab­il­ity, and Op­timal In­cent­ives"
  • Klaus Ritzber­ger (In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Stud­ies, Vi­enna), "Order­-Driven Mar­kets are Al­most Com­pet­it­ive"
  • Bri­gitte Mad­rian (Har­vard Kennedy School), "Does Ag­greg­ated Re­turns Dis­clos­ure In­crease Port­fo­lio Risk-­Tak­ing?"
  • Mi­chael Hali­assos (Goethe Uni­versity Frank­furt), "Debt and So­cial In­ter­ac­tions"
  • Ester Faia (Goethe Uni­versity Frank­furt), "En­do­gen­ous Banks' Net­works, Cas­cades and Sys­temic Risk"
  • Jean Hel­wege (Moore School of Busi­ness (Uni­versity of South Car­o­lina)), "Crises, Li­quid­ity Shocks, and Fire Sales at Com­mer­cial Banks"
  • Joshua Rauh (Stan­ford Gradu­ate School of Busi­ness), "Link­ing Be­ne­fits to In­vest­ment Per­form­ance in US Pub­lic Pen­sion Sys­tems"
  • Florian Ederer (UCLA Ander­son School of Man­age­ment), "Un­der­stand­ing Peer Ef­fects in Fin­an­cial De­cisions: Evid­ence from a Field Ex­per­i­ment"
  • Raffi Amit (The Whar­ton School (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania)), "Cor­por­ate Di­vestit­ures and Fam­ily Con­trol"
  • Ter­rance Odean (Haas School of Busi­ness (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia at Berke­ley)), "Bub­bling with Ex­cite­ment: An Ex­per­i­ment"
  • Gio­vanna Nicodano (Uni­versity of Torino), "In­ter­cor­por­ate guar­an­tees, lever­age and taxes"

Sum­mer Term 2012

  • Richard Roll (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Los Ange­les), "How Stable Are Cor­por­ate Cap­ital Struc­tures?"
  • En­gel­bert Dock­ner (WU (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness)), "In­ter­ac­tion Between Dy­namic Fin­an­cing and Growth Op­tions: The Im­pact of In­dustry Struc­tures"
  • Bill Zame (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Los Ange­les), "As­set Pri­cing and Asym­met­ric Reas­on­ing"
  • Semyon Mal­amud (École Poly­tech­nique Fédérale de Lausanne), "In­form­a­tion Per­col­a­tion in Seg­men­ted Mar­kets"
  • Chris­topher Hen­nessy (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Skin in the Game and Moral Haz­ard"
  • David Eas­ley (Cor­nell Uni­versity), "Flow Tox­icity and Li­quid­ity in a High Fre­quency World"
  • Si­mone Man­gan­elli (ECB Frank­furt), "VAR for VaR: Meas­ur­ing Sys­temic Risk Us­ing Mul­tivari­ate Re­gres­sion Quantiles"
  • Mark Kam­stra (York Uni­versity), "The An­nu­ity Dur­a­tion Puzzle"
  • In­grid Werner (Ohio State Uni­versity), "Diving into Dark Pools"
  • Mi­chael Kisser (Nor­we­gian School of Eco­nom­ics), "Cap­ital Struc­ture Choice - Who Fin­ances Ex­tern­ally?"
  • Rüdi­ger Frey (WU (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness)), "Dy­nam­ics of Cor­por­ate Se­cur­ity Prices in Firm Value Mod­els with In­com­plete In­form­a­tion"
  • David Thes­mar (HEC Paris), "Cat­egor­iz­a­tion Bias in the Stock Mar­ket"
  • Linda Tesar (Uni­versity of Michigan), "Fire Sale FDI or Busi­ness As Usual?"
  • Le­onid Kogan (Mas­sachu­setts In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy), "A The­ory of Firm Char­ac­ter­ist­ics and Stock Re­turns: The Role of In­vest­ment-Spe­cific Shocks"
  • Luigi Guiso (Ein­audi In­sti­tute for Eco­nom­ics and Fin­ance Roma), "Time Vary­ing Risk Aver­sion"
  • Youchang Wu (Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin-Madison), "Mu­tual fund fam­ily and per­form­ance evalu­ation"

Win­ter Term 2011

  • Volker Laux (Uni­versity of Texas), "Stock Op­tion Vest­ing Con­di­tions, CEO Turnover, and My­opic In­vest­ment"
  • Ad­lai Fisher (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia, Van­couver), "Di­vidend Strips and the Term Struc­ture of Equity Risk Premia: A Case Study of Lim­its to Ar­bit­rage"
  • Ernst Maug (Uni­versity of Man­nheim), "In­dex­ing Ex­ec­ut­ive Com­pens­a­tion Con­tracts"
  • Mao Ye (Uni­versity of Illinois), "What’s Not There: The Od­d-Lot Bias in TAQ Data"
  • Augustin Lan­d­ier (Uni­versity of Toulouse), "The Risk-Shift­ing Hy­po­thesis: Evid­ence from Subprime Ori­gin­a­tions"
  • Al­bert Men­k­veld (Vrije Uni­ver­steit Am­s­ter­dam), "Middle­men in Lim­it-Order Mar­kets"
  • Guil­laume Plantin (Uni­versity of Toulouse), "Inequal­ity, Tax Avoid­ance, and Fin­an­cial In­stabil­ity"
  • Adam Szeidl (UC Berke­ley), "A Model of Fo­cus­ing in Eco­nomic Choice"
  • Bjorn Eraker (Wis­con­sin), "Dy­namic Present Val­ues and the In­ter­tem­poral CAPM"
  • Pi­erre Mel­la-Bar­ral (ED­HEC Nice), "En­tre­pren­eur­ial Spawn­ing and Firm Char­ac­ter­ist­ics"
  • Jan Bena (UBC), "The Li­fe­cycle of the Economy-Wide Dis­tri­bu­tion of Lever­age"
  • Daniel Para­v­isini (Columbia Uni­versity), "Cul­tural Prox­im­ity and Loan Out­comes"
  • Jef­frey Brown (Uni­versity of Illinois), "Why I Lost My Sec­ret­ary: The Ef­fect of En­dow­ment Shocks on Uni­versity Op­er­a­tions"
  • Josef Zech­ner (WU), "Gran­u­lar­ity of Cor­por­ate Debt: The­ory and Tests"
  • Mari­as­sunta Gi­an­netti (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics), "The Brain Gain of Cor­por­ate Boards: A Nat­ural Ex­per­i­ment from Ch­ina"
  • Chris­tian Sch­lag (Uni­versity of Frank­furt), "The Role of Volat­il­ity Shocks and Rare Events in Long-Run Risk Mod­els"

Sum­mer Term 2011

  • Ul­rich Hege (HEC Paris), "How does Private Equity Bid in Cor­por­ate As­set Sales? The pa­per is not avail­able on­line."
  • Christa Bouw­man (Case West­ern Re­serve Uni­versity, Clev­eland), "The Geo­graphy of Ex­ec­ut­ive Com­pens­a­tion"
  • Josef Zech­ner (WU Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness), "Lever­age Dy­nam­ics over the Busi­ness Cycle"
  • Elena Car­letti (European Uni­versity In­sti­tute), "As­set Com­mon­al­ity, Debt Ma­tur­ity and Sys­tem­atic Risk"
  • Th­i­erry Fou­cault (HEC Paris), "Dealer At­ten­tion, Li­quid­ity Spillovers, and En­do­gen­ous Mar­ket Seg­ment­a­tion"
  • Char­lotte Oster­gaard (Nor­we­gian School of Man­age­ment), "Real and Fin­an­cial Tradeoffs in Non-L­is­ted Firms: Cash Flow Sens­it­iv­it­ies and How They Change with Shocks to Firms' Main-Bank"
  • Har­ald Hau (IN­SEAD), "The Role of Equity Funds in the Fin­an­cial Crisis Propaga­tion
  • Eric Ghysels (Uni­versity of North Car­o­lina), "Con­di­tional Skew­ness of Stock Mar­ket Re­turns in Developed and Emer­ging Mar­kets and its Eco­nomic Fun­da­ment­als"
  • Fran­cisco Gomes (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Quan­ti­fy­ing the Dis­tor­tion­ary Fis­cal Cost of ‘The Bail­out’"
  • Char­les Jones (Columbia Uni­versity), "Two Short Tales"
  • Mark Grin­blatt (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Los Ange­les), "IQ and Stock Mar­ket Trad­ing"
  • Robert Mar­quez (Bo­ston Uni­versity), "Leav­ing Money on the Table: A The­ory of Private Equity Fund Re­turns"
  • Amit Goyal (Uni­versité de Lausanne), "Buy­ers Versus Sellers: Who Ini­ti­ates Trades And When?"
  • Sönje Reiche  (Uni­versity of Cam­bridge), "Ro­bust In­cent­ives and Non-Ex­clus­ive Con­tracts"
  • Dirk Hack­barth (Uni­versity of Illinois), "In­nov­a­tion, Cap­ital Struc­ture, and the Bound­ar­ies of the Firm"
  • Pegaret Pichler (North­east­ern Uni­versity), "The Design of Mort­gage-­Backed Se­cur­it­ies and Ser­vicer Con­tracts"

Win­ter Term 2010

  • Seppo Ikäheimo (Helsin­iki School of Eco­nom­ics)
  • Chris­tian Leuz (Uni­versity of Ch­icago)
  • Robert Kora­jczyk (North­west­ern Uni­versity)
  • Al­bert Kyle (Uni­versity of Maryland) 
  • Tim Adam (Hum­boldt-Uni­versität zu Ber­lin)
  • Heitor Al­meida (Uni­versity of Illinois)
  • Jean-Pi­erre Zi­grand (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics)
  • Rui Al­buquer­que (Bo­ston Uni­versity)
  • Igor Makarov (Lon­don Busi­ness School)
  • Christine Par­lour (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia Berke­ley)
  • Daniel Fer­reira (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics)
  • Alex Stom­per (In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Stud­ies, VGSF)
  • Joel Peress (IN­SEAD)
  • Rüdi­ger Fah­len­brach (Ecole Poly­tech­nique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Sum­mer Term 2010

  • Ron Giam­marino (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia)
  • Mi­chael Brandt (Duke Uni­versity)
  • Clemens Si­alm (Uni­versity of Texas at Austin)
  • Oliver Fa­bel (Uni­versity of Vi­enna)
  • Denis Gromb (IN­SEAD)
  • Chris­tian Ju­l­liard (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics)
  • Neil A. Do­herty (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania)
  • Jean Char­les Rochet (Uni­versity Toulouse 1)
  • Dirk Hack­barth (Uni­versity of Illinois)
  • Pi­erre Collin-­Du­fresne (Columbia Uni­versity)
  • Chris­tian Gol­lier (Uni­versity Toulouse 1)
  • Laura Starks (Uni­versity of Texas at Austin)
  • Pi­etro Ver­onesi (Uni­versity of Ch­icago)
  • Robert Hauswald (Amer­ican Uni­versity)
  • Al­laudeen Hameed (Na­tional Uni­versity of Singa­pore)
  • Hanno Lustig (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Los Ange­les)

Win­ter Term 2009

  • Xunyu Zhou (Uni­versity of Ox­ford)
  • Ul­rich Horst (Hum­boldt-Uni­versität zu Ber­lin)
  • Lubos Pas­tor (Uni­versity of Ch­icago)
  • Raman Up­pal (Lon­don Busi­ness School)
  • Oren Suss­man (Uni­versity of Ox­ford)
  • Ro­man Inderst (Goethe Uni­versität Frank­furt am Main)
  • Markus Leippold (Uni­versität Zürich)
  • André Gy­gax (Uni­versity of Mel­bourne)
  • Al­ex­an­der Mürmann (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness)
  • Robert Hauswald (Amer­ican Uni­versity)
  • Phil­ipp Illed­itsch (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania)
  • Anat Ad­mati (Stan­ford Uni­versity)
  • Ilya Strebu­laev (Stan­ford Uni­versity)
  • Colin Mayer (Uni­versity of Ox­ford)
  • Phil­ipp Schnabl (New York Uni­versity)
  • Gor­don Phil­lips (Uni­versity of Maryland)

Sum­mer Term 2009

  • Andrew Yim (Til­burg Uni­versity), "Cost of Cap­ital, Hurdle Rate, and De­fault Risk: A Ro­bust Model of In­ternal Cap­ital Mar­kets"
  • Wolfgang Bühler (Uni­versität Man­nheim), "Risk-­Ad­jus­ted Per­form­ance Meas­ure­ment of Bond Port­fo­lios"
  • Piet Sercu (Kath­olieke Uni­versiteit Leuven), "Es­tim­at­ing the In­ter­tem­poral Sub­sti­tu­tion Elasti­city"
  • Effi Benmelech (Har­vard Uni­versity), "Vin­tage Cap­ital and Cred­itor Pro­tec­tion"
  • Toni Whited (Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin), "Cap­ital Struc­ture Dy­nam­ics and Trans­it­ory Debt"
  • Jacob Sagi (Vander­bilt Uni­versity), "Dy­namic Cor­por­ate Cap­ital Stocks: Cross-sec­tional and In­ter­-tem­poral Stock Re­turn Pat­terns"
  • Josef Zech­ner (Wirtschaft­suni­versität Wien), "Li­quid­ity and Feas­ible Debt Re­lief"
  • Ehud I. Ronn (Uni­versity of Texas at Austin), "The Valu­ation and In­form­a­tional Con­tent of Op­tions on Crude-Oil Fu­tures Con­tracts"
  • Ji­ang Wang (Mas­sachu­setts In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy), "Li­quid­ity of Cor­por­ate Bonds"
  • Stijn van Nieuwer­burgh (New York Uni­versity), "The Cross-Sec­tion and Time-Ser­ies of Stock and Bond Re­turns"
  • Laura Veldkamp (New York Uni­versity), "At­ten­tion Al­loc­a­tion Over the Busi­ness Cycle: Evid­ence from the Mu­tual Fund In­dustry"

Win­ter Term 2008

  • Chris­tian Leuz (Uni­versity of Ch­icago, Gradu­ate School of Busi­ness), "Vol­un­tary Dis­clos­ure and the Cost of Cap­ital: Evid­ence from Firms' Re­sponses to the En­ron Shock"
  • Russ Wer­mers (Uni­versity of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Busi­ness), "False Dis­cov­er­ies in Mu­tual Fund Per­form­ance: Meas­ur­ing Luck in Es­tim­ated Al­phas"
  • Karl Schmed­ders (North­west­ern Uni­versity, Kel­logg School of Man­age­ment), "Bond Lad­ders and Op­timal Port­fo­lios"
  • Kris­tian R. Miltersen (Nor­we­gian School of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion), "Risky Cor­por­ate Debt with Fin­ite Ma­tur­ity"
  • Paolo Sodini (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics), "Fight or Flight? Port­fo­lio Re­bal­an­cing by In­di­vidual In­vestors"
  • Fa­bio Mac­cher­oni (Uni­versità Boc­coni), "Risk Meas­ures: Ra­tion­al­ity and Di­ver­si­fic­a­tion"
  • Lu­cio Sarno (Uni­versity of War­wick, War­wick Busi­ness School), "The For­ward Volat­il­ity Bias: A New Puzzle in For­eign Ex­change"
  • Eduardo Schwartz (UCLA, Ander­son School of Man­age­ment), "Op­tions Trad­ing Activ­ity and Firm Valu­ation"
  • Chris­topher Hen­nessy (Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia Berke­ley, Haas School of Busi­ness), "Se­cur­ity Design, Li­quid­ity, and the In­form­a­tional Role of Prices"
  • Stephen Shore (Johns Hop­kins Uni­versity), "Changes in the Dis­tri­bu­tion of In­come Volat­il­ity"
  • Hansjörg Al­brecher (Jo­han­nes Kepler Uni­versity Linz); "Tax and Di­vidend Pay­ments in Col­lect­ive Risk The­ory"
  • Wayne R. Lands­man (Uni­versity of North Car­o­lina at Chapel Hill, Ken­an-­Fla­gler Busi­ness School), "Do In­vestors Un­der­stand Really Dirty Sur­plus?"
  • Gust­avo Manso (MIT, Sloan School of Man­age­ment), "Per­form­ance-­Sens­it­ive Debt"
  • David Musto (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania, Whar­ton), "High Wa­ter Marks in Com­pet­it­ive Cap­ital Mar­kets"

Sum­mer 2008

  • En­gel­bert Dock­ner (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion), "Choice of Rat­ing Tech­no­logy and Price Form­a­tion in Im­per­fect Credit Mar­kets"
  • Jaksa Cvitanic (Cali­for­nia In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy), "Op­timal con­tracts in con­tinu­ous time"
  • Chris­topher Hen­nessy (UC Berke­ley), "Debt, bar­gain­ing, and cred­ib­il­ity in firm­-sup­plier re­la­tion­ships"
  • Toni Whited (Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin-Madison), "What gives? A Study of Firms' Re­ac­tions to Cash Short­falls"
  • To­mas Björk (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics), "Time In­con­sist­ent Stochastic Con­trol"
  • An­toon Pelsser (Uni­versity of Am­s­ter­dam), "Ap­prox­im­ate Solu­tions for Indif­fer­ence Pri­cing un­der Gen­eral Util­ity Func­tions"
  • Ilan Cooper (Tel Aviv Uni­versity), "Real In­vest­ment and Risk Dy­nam­ics"
  • Har­joat Bhamra (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia), "The Levered Equity Risk Premium and Credit Spreads: A Uni­fied Frame­work"
  • Wei Xiong (Prin­ceton Uni­versity), "Deleg­ated As­set Man­age­ment and Mar­ket Seg­ment­a­tion"
  • Ter­rance Odean (Haas School of Busi­ness, Berke­ley), "Day Trad­ing in Equi­lib­rium"
  • Raffi Amit (Whar­ton School), "Fa­miliy Con­trol of Firms and In­dus­tries"
  • Jonathan Berk (UC Berke­ley), "Re­turn per­sist­ance and fund flows in the worst per­form­ing mu­tual funds"
  • Tim Adam (Na­tional Uni­versity of Singa­pore), "Stra­tegic Risk Man­age­ment and Pro­duct Mar­ket Com­pet­i­tion"
  • Neng Wang (Columbia Uni­versity), "Dy­namic Agency and the q The­ory of In­vest­ment"
  • Al­ex­an­der Muer­mann (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion), "Fin­an­cing Risk Trans­fer un­der Gov­ernance Prob­lems: Mu­tual versus Stock In­surers"
  • Vito D. Gala (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Ir­re­vers­ible In­vest­ment and the Cross-Sec­tion of Stock Re­turns in Gen­eral Equi­lib­rium"
  • Ralf Elsas (Mu­nich School of Man­age­ment, Lud­wig-Max­imili­ans-Uni­versität), "The Im­pact of De­fault Risk on Equity Re­turns: Evid­ence from a Bank-­based Fin­an­cial Sys­tem"

Win­ter Term 2007

  • Ad­lai Fisher (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Colom­bia), "Con­di­tional Risk, Over­con­di­tion­ing, and the Per­form­ance of Mo­mentum Strategies"
  • Gor­don Phil­lips (Uni­versity of Maryland), "Real and Fin­an­cial In­dustry Booms and Busts"
  • Fe­lix Meschke (Uni­versity of Min­nesota), "The Rise and Fall of Port­fo­lio Pump­ing Among U.S. Mu­tual Funds"
  • Andrea Eis­feldt (North­west­ern Uni­versity), "Fin­an­cing Short­falls and the Value of Ag­greg­ate Li­quid­ity"
  • Eck­hard Platen (Uni­versity of Tech­no­logy Sydney), "A Bench­mark Ap­proach to Fin­ance"
  • Damir Fili­povic (Vi­enna In­sti­tute of Fin­ance), "Non-­Mono­tone Risk Meas­ures and Mono­tone Hulls"
  • Jason Huafeng Chen (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia), "Re­turn Co­move­ment"
  • Lori­ana Pelizzon (Uni­versità Ca'Fo­scari di Ve­nezia), "Credit De­riv­at­ives, Cap­ital Re­quire­ments and Opaque OTC Mar­kets"
  • Vikram Nanda (Ari­zona State Uni­versity), "Are In­cent­ive Con­tracts Rigged by Power­ful CEOs?"
  • Kris­tian Miltersen (Nor­we­gian School of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion), "Real Op­tions with Un­cer­tain Ma­tur­ity and Com­pet­i­tion"
  • Sh­eridan Tit­man (Uni­versity of Texas at Austin), "Fin­an­cial Struc­ture, Li­quid­ity, and Firm Loca­tions"
  • Mi­chael Brandt (Duke Uni­versity), "Gut­mann Pub­lic Lec­ture: What Do Gov­ern­ment Bond In­vestors Care About: Credit Qual­ity or Li­quid­ity?"
  • Al­ex­an­der Wag­ner (Uni­versity of Zurich), "The Ex­ec­ut­ive Turnover Risk Premium"
  • Jef­frey Zwiebel (Stan­ford Uni­versity), "Ex­ec­ut­ive Pay, Hid­den Com­pens­a­tion, and Ma­na­gerial En­trench­ment"
  • Ro­hit Rahi (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics), "Ar­bit­rage Net­works"
  • Susan Chris­tof­fersen (Mc­Gill Uni­versity), "Fund Flows vs. Fam­ily Flows: Evid­ence from the Cross Sec­tion of Brokers"

Sum­mer Term 2007

  • Matti Kelo­harju (Hel­sinki School of Eco­nom­ics), "Sen­sa­tion Seek­ing, Over­con­fid­ence, and Trad­ing Activ­ity"
  • Laurent E. Cal­vet (HEC Paris), "Down or Out: Assess­ing the Wel­fare Costs of House­hold In­vest­ment Mis­takes"
  • Chris­topher Hen­nessy (UC Berke­ley), "A Dy­namic The­ory of Cor­por­ate Fin­ance Based Upon Re­peated Sig­nal­ing"
  • Massimo Massa (IN­SEAD), "Cos­metic Mer­gers: The Ef­fect of Style In­vest­ing on the Mar­ket for Cor­por­ate Con­trol"
  • Lu Zhang (Uni­versity of Michigan), "Reg­u­lar­it­ies"
  • Mi­chael Roberts (Whar­ton), "Con­trol Rights and Cap­ital Struc­ture: An Em­pir­ical In­vest­ig­a­tion"
  • Toni Whited (Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin), "The Cor­por­ate Propensity to Save"
  • Günter Strobl (Uni­versity of North Car­o­lina), "Time-Vary­ing In­form­a­tion Asym­metry and the Dis­pos­i­tion Ef­fect"
  • Richard Stan­ton (Uni­versity of Berke­ley), "Op­timal Ex­er­cise of Ex­ec­ut­ive Stock Op­tions and Im­plic­a­tions for Firm Cost"
  • David Hirsh­leifer (UC Irvine), "Stock Mar­ket Mis­valu­ation and Cor­por­ate In­vest­ment"
  • Siew Hong Teoh (UC Irvine), "Driven to Dis­trac­tion: Ex­traneous Events and Un­der­re­ac­tion to Earn­ings News"

Win­ter Term 2006

  • Peter Swan (UNSW), "Op­timal port­fo­lio bal­an­cing un­der con­ven­tional pref­er­ences and trans­ac­tion costs ex­plains the equity premium puzzle"
  • Ash­ley Wang (UC Irvine), "As­set Pri­cing and Mis­pri­cing"
  • Xavier Freixas (Pom­peu Fabra), "How can emer­ging mar­ket econom­ies be­ne­fit from a cor­por­ate bond mar­ket?"
  • Mar­cin Kac­per­czyk (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia), "Labor Unions, Op­er­at­ing Lever­age, and Ex­pec­ted Stock Re­turns"
  • Will Goet­zman (Yale), "Risk Aver­sion and Cli­en­tele Ef­fects"
  • Dirk Hack­barth (Wash­ing­ton Uni­versity in St. Louis), "Cor­por­ate Bond Credit Spreads and Fore­cast Dis­per­sion"
  • Erik The­is­sen (Uni­versity of Bonn), "Short sale con­straints, di­ver­gence of opin­ion and as­set val­ues: Evid­ence from the lab­or­at­ory"
  • Nicole Branger (Uni­versity of Münster), "Ra­tional Lay­men versus Over­-­Con­fid­ent Ex­perts: Who Sur­vives in the Long Run?"
  • Youchang Wu (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "In­ter­me­di­ated In­vest­ment Man­age­ment"
  • Peter Bos­saerts (Cali­for­nia In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy), "Equi­lib­ra­tion un­der Com­pet­i­tion in Smalls: The­ory and Ex­per­i­mental Evid­ence"
  • Denis Gromb (Lon­don Busi­ness School), "Fin­an­cially Con­strained Ar­bit­rage and the Cross-sec­tion of Mar­ket Li­quid­ity"
  • Leo­pold Sögner (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Tech­no­logy), "Jumps and Re­cov­ery Rates In­ferred from Cor­por­ate CDS Premia"
  • Pedro Santa-Clara (UCLA), "Para­met­ric Port­fo­lio Policies: Ex­ploit­ing char­ac­ter­ist­ics in the cross sec­tion of equity re­turns"

Sum­mer Term 2006

  • Vas­ant Naik (Lehman Broth­ers), "Global Sav­ing­s-In­vest­ment Im­bal­ances: A Look through the Life-­Cycle Model"
  • Mi­chael Halling (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "Equity Re­turn Pre­dic­tion: Are Coef­fi­cients Time-Vary­ing?"
  • Doyne Farmer (Santa Fe In­sti­tute), "Fin­an­cial Mar­kets as a Be­ha­vi­oral Lab­or­at­ory: An Em­pir­ical Be­ha­vi­oral Model for Price Form­a­tion"
  • Klaus Ritzber­ger (In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Stud­ies Vi­enna), "Cor­por­ate Con­trol and the Stock Mar­ket"
  • Er­wan Mo­rel­lec (HEC Lausanne), "Stock Re­turns in Mer­gers and Ac­quis­i­tions"
  • Liam Brunt (HEC Lausanne), "Do Banks Gen­er­ate Fin­an­cial Mar­ket In­teg­ra­tion?"
  • Pi­erre Mel­la-Bar­ral (HEC Paris), "Which way to Grow? Mer­ging, Al­ly­ing, or Buy­ing As­sets"
  • Di­mitri Vay­anos (Lon­don School of Eco­nom­ics), "A Search-­Based The­ory of the On-the-Run Phenomenon"
  • Andrei Si­monov (Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics), "Share­holder Ho­mo­gen­eity and Firm Value: The Dis­cip­lin­ing Role of Non-­Con­trolling Share­hold­ers"
  • Lorenzo Gar­lappi (Uni­versity of Texas (Austin), "De­fault Risk, Share­holder Ad­vant­age, and Stock­Re­turns"
  • Wolfgang Bühler (Uni­versität Man­nheim), "Credit Risk, Li­quid­ity Risk, and Op­tim­al­Cap­ital Struc­ture un­der In­com­plete Ac­count­ing In­form­a­tion"
  • Josef Zech­ner (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "Hu­man Cap­ital, Bank­ruptcy, and Cap­ital Struc­ture"
  • David Feld­man (Uni­versity of New South Wales), "The CAPM Re­la­tion for Inef­fi­cient Port­fo­lios"
  • Martijn Cre­mers (Yale), "Act­ive and Pass­ive Pos­i­tions by Mu­tual Funds"
  • Kai Li (Uni­versity of Brit­ish Columbia), "Cor­por­ate Boards and the Lever­age and Debt Ma­tur­ity Choices"
  • Phil­ipp Schönbucher (ETH Zürich), "Port­fo­lio Losses and the Term Struc­ture of Loss Trans­ition Rates: A new meth­od­o­logy for the pri­cing of port­fo­lio credit de­riv­at­ives"
  • Branko Ur­o­sevic (Uni­versity of Bel­grade; Uni­versitat Pom­peu Fabra, Bar­celona), "Own­er­ship Dy­nam­ics with Mul­tiple In­siders: The case of REITs"
  • Li Jin (Har­vard), "Ma­na­gerial Ca­reer Con­cern and Mu­tual Fund Short-ter­mism"

Win­ter Term 2005

  • Bing Li­ang (Uni­versity of Mas­sachu­setts), "Do Mar­ket Tim­ing Hedge Funds Time the Mar­ket?"
  • Per Strömberg (SIFR), "What are Firms? Evolu­tion from Birth to Pub­lic Com­pan­ies"
  • Nic­olae Gar­leanu (Uni­versity of Pennsylvania), "De­mand-­Based Op­tion Pri­cing"
  • Al­ex­an­der Stom­per (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "How Lever­age af­fects Pri­cing: The­ory and Evid­ence"
  • Alois Geyer (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion), "Life-­Cycle As­set Al­loc­a­tion"
  • Espen Eckbo (Dart­mouth Col­lege), "The Toe­hold Puzzle"
  • Char­lotte Oster­gaard (Nor­we­gian School of Man­age­ment), "U.S. Bank­ing De­reg­u­la­tion, Small Busi­nesses, and In­ter­state In­sur­ance of Per­sonal In­come"
  • Hans De­gryse (CentER­-Til­burg Uni­versity), "SMEs and Bank Lend­ing Re­la­tion­ships: The Im­pact of Mer­gers"
  • Ed Nosal (Fed­eral Re­serve Bank of Clev­eland), "Moral Haz­ard and the Design of Bank Li­ab­il­it­ies"
  • Burcin Yur­to­glu (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "The Ef­fects of Own­er­ship Con­cen­tra­tion and Iden­tity on In­vest­ment Per­form­ance: An In­ter­na­tional Com­par­ison"
  • Ilya Strebu­laev (Stan­ford Uni­versity), "Firm Size and Cap­ital Struc­ture"
  • En­gel­bert Dock­ner (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), "Lead­ers, Fol­low­ers, and Risk Dy­nam­ics in In­dustry Equi­lib­rium"
  • Lubos Pas­tor (Uni­versity of Ch­icago), "Tech­no­lo­gical Re­volu­tions and Stock Prices"

Past Sem­inars CCEFM & QF

Sum­mer Term 2005

  • Christine Par­lour
  • Doron Av­ramov
  • Tho­mas Stein­ber­ger
  • Jun Liu
  • Su­ley­man Ba­sak
  • Youchang Wu
  • Viral Acharya
  • Al­fred Le­har
  • Suresh Sundaresan
  • Hayne Leland
  • Klaus Ritzber­ger
  • Ro­man Inderst
  • Martin Ruckes

Win­ter Term 2004

  • Russ Wer­mers
  • Eu­gene Kan­del
  • Raman Up­pal
  • Yi­hong Xia
  • Rick Green
  • Ernst Maug
  • Andrew El­lul
  • Youchang Wu
  • Josef Zech­ner
  • Chris­tian Pier­dzioch
  • Florian Heider
  • Bern­ard Du­mas

Sum­mer Term 2004

  • Leo Kaas
  • Wil­liam Sharpe
  • Ulf von Li­li­en­feld
  • Duane Seppi
  • Jos van Bom­mel
  • Le­onid Kogan
  • Martin Di­erker
  • Stefan Reichel­stein
  • Josef Zech­ner

Sum­mer Term 2003

  • Martin Weber
  • Evelyn Hay­den
  • David Lando
  • Alex Stom­per

Win­ter Term 2003

  • Andrei Sh­leifer
  • Mi­chael Bren­nan
  • Gilles Chemla
  • Jin-Chuan Duan
  • Chester Spatt
  • Alex Stom­per
  • Josef Zech­ner
  • Stephen Ross

Win­ter Term 2002

  • Russ Wer­mers
  • Bryan Rout­ledge
  • Alan Mor­rison

Sum­mer Term 2002

  • Stephen Ross
  • Neal Stoughton
  • Ut­pal Bhat­tacharya
  • Martin Scheicher
  • Wolfgang Bühler
  • Suresh Sundaresan

Win­ter Term 2001

  • Otto Randl
  • Alex Stom­per
  • El­roy Dim­son
  • Ger­hard Stahl
  • Maurice Levi
  • Pegaret Pichler
  • Duane Seppi
  • Avi Wohl

Sum­mer Term 2001

  • Yishay Yafeh
  • Ernst Lud­wig von Thad­den

Win­ter Term 2000

  • Tho­mas Dangl
  • Marek Musiela
  • Javier Suarez
  • Raman Up­pal
  • Chris­tian Laux 

Sum­mer Term 2000

  • To­mas Bjo­erk
  • Klaus Gu­gler
  • Ul­rich Hege
  • Philip Schoen­bucher
  • Kjell Nyborg
  • Paolo Fulgh­ieri
  • David Lando
  • Ger­ald Gar­vey
  • En­rico Perotti
  • David Bates 

Win­ter Term 1999

  • Ravi Jagan­nathan
  • Wayne Fer­son
  • Zsu­z­sanna Fluck
  • Martin Hell­wig
  • Alex Stom­per
  • Al­ex­an­der Ljun­gqv­ist
  • Kris­itan Miltersen
  • Stav­ros Zenios
  • Al­fred Wa­gen­hofer
  • Hans Mor­itsch