Christian Laux

Prof. for Finance
WU Vienna - Department for Finance, Accounting and Statistics
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Fin­an­cial Re­port­ing, Fin­an­cial Reg­u­la­tion, Fin­an­cial Sta­bil­ity, Cor­por­ate Gov­ernance, Con­tract The­ory

Se­lec­ted Pub­lic­a­tions

Fin­an­cial re­port­ing and fin­an­cial sta­bil­ity

  • Bis­chof, J., Laux, C., Leuz, C. (2021): Ac­count­ing for Fin­an­cial Sta­bil­ity: Bank Dis­clos­ure and Loss Re­cog­ni­tion in the Fin­an­cial Crisis. Journal of Fin­an­cial Eco­nom­ics 141 (3), 1188-1217.
  • Laux, C., Rauter, T. (2017): Pro­cyc­lic­al­ity of US Bank Lever­age.Journal of Ac­count­ing Re­search 55 (2), 237-273.
  • Laux, C., Leuz, C. (2010): Did Fair-­Value Ac­count­ing Con­trib­ute to the Fin­an­cial Crisis? Journal of Eco­nomic Per­spect­ives24 (1), 93-118.
  • Laux, C., Leuz, C. (2009): The Crisis of Fair Value Ac­count­ing: Mak­ing Sense of the Re­cent De­bate. Ac­count­ing, Or­gan­iz­a­tions and So­ci­ety 34 (6-7), 826-834.

Cor­por­ate gov­ernance, reg­u­la­tion, and fin­an­cial sta­bil­ity

  • Cziraki, P., Laux, C., Lóránth, G. (forth­com­ing): Un­der­stand­ing Bank Pay­outs dur­ing the Crisis of 2007-2009. Re­view of Cor­por­ate Fin­ance Stud­ies, forth­com­ing.
  • Laux, C., Lóránth, G., Mor­rison, A. D. (2018): The Ad­verse Ef­fect of In­form­a­tion on Gov­ernance and Lever­age. Man­age­ment Science 64 (4), 1510–1527.

  • Kolm, J., Laux, C. (2017): Bank Reg­u­la­tion, CEO Com­pens­a­tion, and Boards. Re­view of Fin­ance 21 (5), 1901-1932.

  • Laux, C., Laux, V. (2009): Board Com­mit­tees, CEO Com­pens­a­tion, and Earn­ings Man­age­ment. The Ac­count­ing Re­view 84 (3), 869-891.

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