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2020 VGSF Conference

2020 VGSF Con­fer­ence

Loca­tion: WU Vi­enna Cam­pus, Aus­tria
Date: Septem­ber 16, 2020
Chairs: Al­ex­an­der Mürmann (WU Vi­enna), Josef Zech­ner (WU Vi­enna)


Patrick WeißDi­vidend An­nounce­ments and Cor­por­ate Bond Re­turns
Aless­andro  Mel­oneCon­sump­tion Cycle and the Cross-Sec­tion of Stock Re­turns
Clemens Wag­nerCom­mon Di­vidends and Stock Is­sues in the US Bank­ing Sector
Max­imilian  Schler­itzkoCent­ral Bank Com­mu­nic­a­tion and Fin­an­cial Mar­kets
Saman AdhamiEquity Crowd­fund­ing: The De­termin­ants of Post-­Fun­drais­ing Com­pany Suc­cess and Per­form­ance
Vikt­oria Muth­samt.b.a.
Borys KovalEquity Pre­dict­ab­il­ity and Eco­nomic Con­straints
Nat­alija KosticSig­nal­ing by Banks in a Crisis
Dominik Wal­terEquity Dur­a­tion and Dis­place­ment Risk
Paul MayerLi­quid­ity Choice, Il­li­quid­ity and Rollover Risk