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2021 VGSF Conference

2021 VGSF Con­fer­ence

Loca­tion: WU Vi­enna Cam­pus, Aus­tria
Date: Septem­ber 20-21, 2021
Chairs: Al­ex­an­der Mürmann (WU Vi­enna), Josef Zech­ner (WU Vi­enna)


Septem­ber 20, 2021
Florian Wein­lichChanges in Risk-­based Cap­ital and Reach­ing for Yield
Zhou RenThe im­pact of loan con­ver­sion in a cur­rency crisis: new evid­ence on the bank-lend­ing chan­nel and bal­ance sheet chan­nel
Bog­dan StankovskiFin­an­cial Mar­ket and Real Ef­fects of Short Selling Bans: Evid­ence from 2020
Laura Pi­ovesanThe ef­fect of in­siders' li­quid­ity needs in the go­ing pub­lic de­cision
Thi Thuy Dung PhungDoes stock price level af­fect in­vestor at­ten­tion?
Septem­ber 21, 2021
Dominik Wal­terTech­no­logy Spillovers and Pat­ent An­nounce­ment Re­ac­tions
Paul MayerOp­timal Tim­ing of Policy In­ter­ven­tions in Troubled Banks
Nat­alija KosticRisk-­tak­ing In­cent­ives of Fin­an­cially Dis­tressed Banks
Vikt­oria Muth­samEn­force­ment of bank cap­ital re­quire­ments in a crisis
Borys KovalDo in­vestors care about fre­quency of losses?
Max­imilian Schler­itzkoDe­ci­pher­ing Mon­et­ary Policy Shocks
Clemens Wag­nerMac­roe­co­nomic Ex­per­i­ences Dur­ing Young Adult­hood and Port­fo­lio Choice
Aless­andro Mel­oneCon­sump­tion Dis­con­nect Re­dux