VGSf - WU Vienna campus

Research Areas

The VGSF fac­ulty re­search ex­pert­ise spans the broad areas of:

  • Cor­por­ate Fin­ance
  • As­set Pri­cing
  • Fin­an­cial In­ter­me­di­ation
  • Mar­ket Mi­cro­struc­ture
  • Bank­ing and Credit Risk
  • In­sur­ance Eco­nom­ics

Our cur­rent re­search in­terests fo­cus on two main areas. In the area of as­set pri­cing, li­quid­ity and mar­ket mi­cro­struc­ture, we study the im­pact of mar­ket fric­tions on li­quid­ity and price de­termin­a­tion, and the im­plic­a­tions for cor­por­ate fin­ance. In the re­search area of fin­an­cial in­ter­me­di­ation and bank­ing su­per­vi­sion; we fo­cus on mar­ket fail­ures, fin­an­cial crises and the role of su­per­vi­sion.