Gyöngyi Lóránth

Prof. for Finance
University of Vienna
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Fin­an­cial In­ter­me­di­ation, Cor­por­ate Gov­ernance and Fin­an­cial In­sti­tu­tions, Bank­ruptcy and Dis­tress Risk

Se­lec­ted Pub­lic­a­tions
  • Cziraki, P., Laux, C., Lóránth, G. (2022): Un­der­stand­ing Bank Pay­outs Dur­ing the Crisis of 2007-2009. Forth­com­ing at the Re­view of Cor­por­ate Fin­ance Stud­ies.

  • Alan, S., Er­tac, S., Ku­bilay, E., Lóránth, G. (2019): Un­der­stand­ing Gender Dif­fer­ences in Lead­er­ship De­cisions: Evid­ence from Chil­dren and Ad­oles­cents. The Eco­nomic Journal.

  • Calzolari, G., Col­liard, J., Lóránth, G. (2019): Mul­tina­tional Banks and Supra­na­tional Su­per­vi­sion. Re­view of Fin­an­cial Stud­ies.

  • Laux, C. Lóránth, G., Mor­rison, A. (2018): The Ad­verse Ef­fect of In­ternal Con­trol on Gov­ernance and Lever­age. Man­age­ment Science.

  • Kolm, J., Laux, C., Lóránth, G. (2017): Reg­u­lat­ing Bank CEO Com­pens­a­tion and Act­ive Boards. Re­view of Fin­ance.

  • Franks, J., Lóránth, G. (2014): A Study of Bank­ruptcy Cost and the Al­loc­a­tion of Con­trol. Re­view of Fin­ance.

  • Alan, S., Lóránth, G. (2013): Subprime Con­sumer Credit De­man: Evid­ence from a Lender’s Pri­cing Ex­per­i­ment. Re­view of Fin­an­cial Stud­ies.

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