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2014 VGSF Conference

2014 VGSF Con­fer­ence

Loca­tion: Rust, Aus­tria
Date: Oc­to­ber 6-7, 2014
Chair: Alois Geyer (WU Vi­enna)


Oc­to­ber 6, 2014
Mi­chael Zi­er­hutCon­flicts of In­terest: Would Equity­hold­ers Ever Sup­port Ef­fi­cient Pro­duc­tion and Fin­an­cial Plans?
Silvia BressanThe Fund­ing of Sub­si­di­ar­ies Equity, “Double Lever­age” and the Risk of Bank Hold­ing Com­pan­ies (BHCs)
Mar­lene HaasStock Trad­ing in the Early 20th Cen­tury: The Panic of 1907
An­gel Ten­gu­lovMa­na­gerial En­trench­ment, Ma­na­gerial Per­form­ance and The Cross-Sec­tion of Ex­pec­ted Stock Re­turns
Florian Na­glerThe Cross-Sec­tion of Cor­por­ate Bond Re­turns and Dealer In­vent­ory Risk
Juraj HledikCor­rel­a­tion and Con­ta­gion
Florian Na­glerDebt Re­fin­an­cing and Equity Re­turns
An­gel Ten­gu­lovThe Im­pact of Bor­row­ing Di­versity on Firm Value, Fin­an­cing and Real De­cisions 
Li HeDi­vidend cov­en­ants, in­vest­ment and pay­out policy
Ju­lia Reyn­oldsIl­li­quid­ity Con­ta­gion and In­form­a­tion Spillover in CDS and Equity Mar­kets
Tho­mas RauterStock Prices as Trig­gers of CEO Turnover
Oc­to­ber 7, 2014
Roberto PintoIm­ple­ment­ing Ar­row-Debreu Equi­lib­ria by Trad­ing Long-Lived Se­cur­it­ies in a Sequence of Mar­kets
Nikolay DinevWhat Can Fin­ance Learn from the Talmud
Akos Ho­varthNAS­DAQ Trad­ing Pauses: a High-­Fre­quency Ana­lysis
Ro­man Gon­char­enkoThe Ef­fect of Stock Ex­change Con­sol­id­a­tion