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Congratulations to Maximilian Schleritzko!

Congratulations to VGSF Graduate Max Schleritzko, who earned the distinction of graduating under the auspices of the Federal President of the Republic of Austria.

To earn this distinction, graduates must have completed all years of upper secondary school and graduated from upper secondary school with honors, must have earned top-grades in their bachelor’s and master’s degree exams, and must have completed their doctoral dissertation and final doctoral degree exam with honors.

The graduation ceremony, officially called a promotio sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae, was held in WU’s Ceremonial Hall on Monday, March 11, led by Rector Rupert Sausgruber.

We congratulate Max on this remarkable achievement!

Find out more about Max’s vitae and the graduation ceremony here.

Congratulations to Maximilian Schleritzko!

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