Top reasons for joining the VGSF PhD Program according to the view of our students: 

  • Structured PhD program
  • Top-quality research seminars and courses
  • Excellent local faculty and well known visiting faculty
  • Three campuses (IHS, University of Vienna and WU)
  • Fully-funded scholarships
  • Travel budget for attending conferences and seminars abroad
  • Comprehensive access to journals and databanks
  • Little teaching requirements 
  • Excellent career opportunities and placement of past students
  • Faculty takes considerable time to support PhD students in doing their research
  • Great opportunities to connect with internationally known research scholars

    • Courses taught by external professors from top universities abroad
    • The chance to talk to the seminar speakers

    • Excellent administrative support (e.g. searching for a dorm, handling visa issues, dealing with administrative issues, etc.)
    • WU has a place among the World’s Leading Universities
    • Vienna is consistently ranked among the top cities with the best quality of life!