Frequentely Asked Questions


Can I apply to the VGSF even though I did not yet finish my graduate studies?
Yes, you are welcome to apply even if you have not finished your graduate studies yet. However, you should be confident to finish your graduate studies by the end of the upcoming summer term.

Can I apply to the VGSF even though I did not take a GMAT or GRE test?
No! Uploading a GMAT or GRE tests is mandatory! You can upload additional evidence demonstrating your analytical/mathematical skills. However, such evidence is no substitute for GMAT or GRE.

Can I apply to the VGSF even though I did not yet take a TOEFL or IELTS tests?
Yes. What matters is that you can document your command of English (written and verbal skills) in a convincing way (e.g. using certificates, diplomas, etc.).

Do I need to find a supervisor and submit a thesis proposal in advance?

What is the "self-statement of purpose"?
The statement of purpose is not the proposal for a thesis. It should provide a description of your background, your main skills and strengths, your research interests and career goals. Two or three pages should be enough.

Do I have to apply for admission to the PhD studies at the University of Vienna or the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) before I apply to the VGSF?
No! Since the VGSF runs the joint PhD program of the University of Vienna and the WU, prior admission to those universities is not required.

When will the 2018/2019 applicants start?
The next cohort starts in September 2019.

Can I attend selected VGSF PhD-program courses if I am not admitted to the PhD in Finance?
No. Courses of the VGSF PhD-program can only be attended if you are a registered student of the PhD in Finance.

Is this a full-time program? Can this program be done part-time?
This is a full-time program which requires personal attendance on the campus. A part-time participation is not possible.

Are there any fees to be paid?

How high is the percentage of VGSF students who receive a degree?
More than 90% of our students receive a PhD degree.

How much is the financial support granted to VGSF scholarship holders?
The financial support is about 2000 Euros gross per month (14 salaries/year).