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VGSF speaker Josef Zechner has been elected chair of the European Finance Association (EFA)

Josef Zech­ner has been elec­ted chair of the European Fin­ance As­so­ci­ation (EFA) for a three-year period start­ing in 2023 at the 49th an­nual meet­ing of EFA in Bar­celona. In this im­port­ant role he will sub­stan­tially shape the fu­ture activ­it­ies of the as­so­ci­ation. In re­cent years, Josef Zech­ner has already provided ser­vice to the EFA as pres­id­ent, journal man­aging ed­itor (Re­view of Fin­ance), and con­fer­ence pro­gram chair. Bey­ond his on­go­ing im­pact on the as­so­ci­ation, this in­volve­ment in­creases the vis­ib­il­ity of WU in the in­ter­na­tional fin­ance re­search com­munity.

Josef Zechner

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