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Three papers accepted for presentation at the 2019 AFA Annual Meeting

The pa­per "Ma­tur­ity Premium" and "The Dark Side of Li­quid Bonds in Fire Sales" will be presen­ted at the 2019 AFA An­nual Meet­ing.

Ma­tur­ity Premium
Maria Chader­ina (WU Vi­enna), Patrick Weiss (VGSF), Josef Zech­ner (WU Vi­enna, VGSF)

The Am­bi­val­ent Role of High-­Fre­quency Trad­ing in Tur­bu­lent Mar­ket Peri­ods
Nikolaus Hautsch (Uni­versity of Vi­enna), Mi­chael Noé (Hum­boldt Uni­versity of Ber­lin), S. Sarah Zhang (Uni­versity of Manchester)

The Dark Side of Li­quid Bonds in Fire Sales
Maria Chader­ina (WU Vi­enna), Al­ex­an­der Mürmann (WU Vi­enna, VGSF), Chris­toph Sch­euch (VGSF)

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