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Paper accepted for publication at the Review of Financial Studies

The pa­per “Mul­tina­tional Banks and Supra­na­tional Su­per­vi­sion” has been ac­cep­ted for pub­lic­a­tion by the Re­view of Fin­an­cial Stud­ies.


Mul­tina­tional Banks and Supra­na­tional Su­per­vi­sion
Gi­ac­omo Calzolari (Uni­versity of Bologna, and CEPR), Jean-E­d­ou­ard Col­liard (HEC Paris), and Gy­ongyi Lor­anth (Uni­versity of Vi­enna, CEPR, Vi­enna Gradu­ate School of Fin­ance)

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