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In Memory of Tomas Björk (1947 - 2021)

The VGSF com­munity ex­presses its deep sad­ness that To­mas Björk has passed away in late Janu­ary.

All of us in Vi­enna and the many co­horts of PhD stu­dents be­nefited tre­mend­ously from his reg­u­lar an­nual vis­its and teach­ing of con­tinu­ous time fin­ance over dec­ades. All stu­dents ex­pressed con­sist­ently over the years how much they ap­pre­ci­ated and were im­pressed by his clar­ity – and, if ne­ces­sary, also pa­tience – in  teach­ing com­plex con­cepts. To­mas has shaped the field of mathem­at­ical fin­ance. An ex­cel­lent over­view of his many con­tri­bu­tions as re­searcher, teacher and cit­izen of the scien­ti­fic com­munity can be found in the ob­it­u­ary of the Bachelier Fin­ance So­ci­ety.

To­mas fre­quently men­tioned how much he en­joyed his vis­its to Vi­enna and the friends he has met there (young and old). Vi­enna was cer­tainly among his fa­vour­ite cit­ies in the world.

Tomas Björk

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