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Episode with Tobin Hanspal for Rational Reminder Podcast

Con­grat­u­la­tions to af­fil­i­ated fac­ulty mem­ber To­bin Hanspal, who was a guest on the pod­cast “Ra­tional Re­minder” to dis­cuss his re­cent re­search Un­der­stand­ing Crypto 4: Prof. To­bin Hanspal: The Char­ac­ter­ist­ics of Crypto In­vestors.

The in­ter­view fo­cused mainly on the pa­per The Char­ac­ter­ist­ics and Port­fo­lio Be­ha­vior of Bit­coin In­vestors: Evid­ence from In­dir­ect Crypto­cur­rency In­vest­ments, but also dis­cussed Once Bit­ten, Twice Shy: The Power of Per­sonal Ex­per­i­ences in Risk Tak­ing and Be­liefs and the Dis­pos­i­tion Ef­fect

The Ra­tional Re­minder Pod­cast is a weekly pod­cast on sens­ible in­vest­ing and fin­an­cial de­cision-­mak­ing hos­ted by Ben­jamin Fe­lix and Cameron Pass­more, Port­fo­lio Man­agers at PWL Cap­ital in Ot­t­awa, Ontario. Each week they dis­cuss top­ics re­lated to per­sonal fin­ance, in­vest­ing, be­ha­vior, and fin­an­cial mar­kets with the in­ten­tion of mak­ing listen­ers bet­ter, more ra­tional in­vestors.

* To­bin Hanspals pa­per Con­sum­ing Di­vidends had already been dis­cussed on the pod­cast in epis­odes 195 and 201

Tobin Hanspal

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