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Christoph Scheuch and Stefan Voigt invited to the Perm Winter School on Cryptomarkets

Chris­toph Sch­euch and Stefan Voigt are in­vited to give a lec­ture to the Perm Win­ter School on Cryp­to­mar­kets. Chris­toph  will presents res­ults on li­quid­ity mon­it­or­ing in­sights. Stefan will lec­ture on mar­ket mak­ing op­por­tun­it­ies in a world with stochastic latency.

The Perm Win­ter School is a com­munity of bright stu­dents, for­ward-look­ing aca­dem­i­cians, and in­nov­at­ive in­dustry prac­ti­tion­ers in the area of di­gital fin­an­cial mar­kets and latest fin­an­cial tech­no­lo­gies. Every win­ter the school's com­pre­hens­ive pro­gram cov­ers the latest em­pir­ical re­searches, the­or­et­ical mod­els, and in­dustry best prac­tices. Web­site: www.per­m­win­ter­

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