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Announcement of a series of lectures in memory of Engelbert J. Dockner

In April 2017 one of Aus­tria’s most renowned econom­ists, En­gel­bert Dock­ner, passed away after a long and ser­i­ous ill­ness.

In his Ph. D. thesis, En­gel­bert Dock­ner de­rived an el­eg­ant sta­bil­ity ana­lysis of two-state op­timal con­trol mod­els. An­other of his path-break­ing con­tri­bu­tions is the 'blue bible' on `Dif­fer­en­tial Games in Eco­nom­ics and Man­age­ment Science' (joint with Jor­gensen, Long and Sor­ger). For most of his ca­reer, he was a pro­fessor of fin­ance and worked on di­verse top­ics such as as­set pri­cing, risk dy­nam­ics, and fin­an­cial mar­ket struc­tures.

In ad­di­tion to his deep and broad re­search in­terests and his in­tel­lec­tual curi­os­ity, En­gel­bert Dock­ner’s trade­mark was his mod­est and well-bal­anced per­son­al­ity. He was highly regarded by his col­leagues as an in­teg­rat­ive per­son and ar­bit­rator. After his dia­gnosis, he ac­cep­ted his hard fate with equan­im­ity.

To com­mem­or­ate En­gel­bert Dock­ner’s achieve­ments we launch the DOCK­NER LEC­TURES, a ser­ies of events that will take place al­tern­at­ingly at the three uni­versit­ies in Vi­enna with which he was af­fil­i­ated dur­ing his ca­reer. The ser­ies will start on April 10th, 2019 at 4 pm, in Böcklsaal at the Vi­enna Uni­versity of Tech­no­logy with a lec­ture by Prof. Ngo Van Long from Mc­Gill Uni­versity. In 2020 it will be con­tin­ued with a talk at the Uni­versity of Vi­enna, and in 2021 there will be a lec­ture at the WU Vi­enna Uni­versity of Busi­ness and Eco­nom­ics.

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