Job Market Candidates 2016

Name               Research Interests     Job Market Paper                         References                                        
Marlene HaasFinancial Market Stability, Asset Pricing, Entrepreneurial FinanceQuant Funds, Crowding, and Market LiquidityCarolin Fohlin
Thomas Gehrig
Toni Whited
Florian NaglerCredit and liquidity risk,intersection of asset pricing and corporate financeRolling over Corporate Bonds: How Market Liquidity a ects Credit RiskRainer Jankowitsch
Stefan Pichler
Marti Subrahmanyam
Angel TengulovEmpirical Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Banking, Empirical Asset Pricing, Applied EconometricsThe Impact of Borrowing Diversity on Firm Value, Financing and Real DecisionsChristian Laux
Neal Stoughton
Toni Whited