Job Market Candidates 2012

NameJob Market Paper                               Research InterestsReferences
András Danis

Do Empty Creditors Matter?
Evidence from Distressed
Exchange Offers

Bankruptcy and Financial Distress,                    
Incentive Problems in Financial
Markets, Optimal Capital Structure        
Christopher Hennessy
Klaus Ritzberger
Toni Whited
Josef Zechner
Hermann Elendner           Rating-Induced Default Risk        
and Downgrade Hesitation
Credit Risk, Credit Ratings,
Debt Issuance
Alois Geyer
Stefan Pichler
Daniel Rösch
Eda OrhunTwo-Sided Information
Dissemination in Takeovers:
Disclosure and Media
Financial Disclosure, Banking
and Financial Intermediation,
Game Theory
Zsuzsanna Fluck
Maarten Janssen
Klaus Ritzberger
Daniel RettlGrowth Opportunities,
Cash Holdings and Payout
Empirical Corporate Finance, 
Capital Structure Choice, Cash
Holdings and Payout Policy
Engelbert Dockner            
Robert Hauswald
Toni Whited
Josef Zechner