Job Market Candidates 2011


Job Market Paper

Research Interests


Hamed Ghoddusi

Dynamic Investment in Extraction
Capacity of Exhaustible Resources

Energy and Environmental Finance,
Commodity Markets, Investment
Under Uncertainty, Development
Finance, Political Economy of
Resource-Based Countries

Engelbert Dockner
Francisco Gomes
Alexander Mürmann
Sheridan Titman

Natalia Ivanova

Optimal Capital Structure and Cash
Holdings in the Presence of
Agency Costs

Corporate Finance, Corporate
Governance, Applied Econometrics

Engelbert Dockner
Andrew Elull
Josef Zechner

Marcin Jaskowski

Credit Spreads, Latent Factors
and Noise

Credit Risk Models, Asset Pricing,
Continuous-Time Finance, Financial
Econometrics, Applications of Bayesian

Damir Filipovic
Pegaret Pichler
Leopold Sögner

Juliusz Radwanski

Can Long-Run Risk Explain the
Distress Puzzle?

Time-series and Cross-sectional
Predictability of Stock and Bond Returns,
Investment and Financing Policies of
Firms, Distress-related Asset Pricing Anomalies

Hanno Lustig
Jacob Sagi
Josef Zechner