Job Market Candidates 2010


Job Market Paper

Research Interests


Matthias Buehlmaier

On the Signaling Role of the Media in
Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Finance, Applied Econometrics,
Game Theory

Klaus Ritzberger
Anne Villamil
Toni Whited
Josef Zechner

Michael Kisser

The Value of Internal Funds

Corporate Finance and Credit Risk

Engelbert Dockner
Christopher Hennessy
Toni Whited
Josef Zechner

Baran Siyahhan

Efficiency, Leverage and Exit:
The Role of Information Asymmetry
in Concentrated Industries

Agency Costs and Debt Seniority, Information
Revelation and Strategic Use of Capital Structure
in Duopoly with Asymmetric Information

Engelbert Dockner
Bart Lambrecht
Kristian Miltersen
Pegaret Pichler

Jin Yu

The Value of Debt Covenants:
A Quantitative Framework

Corporate Finance, in particular Firm's Dynamic
Investment and Capital Structure Decisions,
Real Option Valuation

Christopher Hennessy
Toni Whited
Josef Zechner