VGSF Graduates

"VGSF gave me the opportunity to grow as an academic thanks to the accessibility and dedication of faculty members to students.
I greatly benefitted at the different stages of my PhD from the professional and personal advice they gave me.
The courses taught by local and external faculty at VGSF are outstanding. I am deeply thankful for being part of the VGSF family and hope to return something by making meaningful contributions to the field of financial economics.

Florian Nagler, Assistant Professor (Bocconi University)

VGSF Graduates 2017-2010:


Li He
(Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Marlene Haas (Cornerstone)Silvia Bressan (MODUL University)
Katarina Kvasnakova (VU Amsterdam)
Havva Oezlem Dursun (University of Aarhus)András Danis (Georgia Tech)Hamed Ghoddusi (MIT)Matthias Buehlmaier (University of Hong Kong)
Julia Reynolds
(USI University of Lugano)
Florian Nagler (Bocconi)Michael Zierhut (Humboldt University)
Alexander Schandlbauer (University of Southern Denmark)
Manuel Mayer
Hermann Elendner (Humboldt University)Natalia Ivanova (University of Vienna)Michael Kisser (NHH)
Angel Tengulov (Cornerstone)Johann Reindl
(BI Norwegian Business School)
Eda Orhun (Zayed University)Marcin Jaskowski (Erasmus University Rotterdam)Baran Siyahhan (University of Aarhus)
Daniel Rettl (McKinsey)Juliusz Radwanski (Carnegie Mellon)Jin Yu (UNSW)