Klaus Ritzberger

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Email: Klaus.Ritzberger@rhul.ac.uk
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Department of Economics, Royal Holloway, University of London

Research Interests:
Non-Cooperative Game Theory, Industrial Organization, General Equilibrium Theory, Evolutionary Economics, Financial Economics, Mathematical Economics, Monetary Microeconomics

Selected Publications:

"Does Backwards Induction Imply Subgame Perfection?" (with C. Alós-Ferrer, Cologne), forthcoming in: Games and Economic Behavior.

"Characterizing Existence of Equilibrium for Large Extensive Form Games: A Necessity Result" (with C. Alós-Ferrer, Cologne), forthcoming in: Economic Theory (doi: 10.1007/s00199-015-0937-0).

"Equilibrium Existence for Large Perfect Information Games" (with C. Alós-Ferrer, Cologne), in: Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol.62, 2016, 5-18.

"Order-Driven Markets Are Almost Competitive", forthcoming in: Review of Economic Studies (doi: 10.1093/restud/rdv031).

"On the Characterization of Preference Continuity by Chains of Sets" (with C. Alós-Ferrer, Cologne), in: Economic Theory Bulletin, vol. 3, 2015, 115-128.

"Choice of Rating Technology and Loan Pricing in Imperfect Credit Markets"' (with H. De Silva, E. Dockner, R. Jankowitsch, and S. Pichler, Vienna), Journal of Risk, vol. 17, nr. 1, 2014, 29-62.

"Large Extensive Form Games" (with C. Alós-Ferrer, Konstanz), Economic Theory, vol. 52, nr. 1, 2013, 75-102.