VGSF Info Session


We would like to invite students and interested candidates to the forthcoming VGSF Information Session. We are offering up to 4 positions for a PhD in Finance and we are available to answer all your questions.

Alexander Mürmann (Academic Director) and Stefan Voigt (PhD student, 3rd year) will be available to answer all your questions about the program and PhD student life.

In order to book the most suitable room, please register via

When: Friday December 15, 1pm-2pm - Save the date!
Where: WU Vienna, Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics (D4, 4th floor).

VGSF PhD Program Snapshot

What is VGSF?
The Vienna Graduate School of Finance (VGSF) offers a PhD program in Finance jointly organized by three institutions: the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). Our aim is to train students to develop into successful researchers in finance.

Who is our Faculty?
Professors in Finance from IHS, University of Vienna and WU Vienna constitute the VGSF Faculty. Visiting faculty from top international universities contribute to the curriculum. You can check out a list of visiting professors here.

How is the program structured?
The PhD program is a 5-year, full-time program that is structured into coursework and research. The aim of the coursework is to equip students with the tools necessary to develop innovative research in finance. The program also includes weekly research seminars hosting top international researchers presenting their current work. Additionally, the annual VGSF Conference provides students with the opportunity to present their research to the entire VGSF faculty and to receive valuable insights and feedback. More information here.

How to afford a PhD?
Our students are fully funded. They are employed by University of Vienna or WU Vienna and exempted from tuition fees.

Why to choose VGSF?
According to our graduates, you should apply to VGSF because:

  • Structured program providing solid foundations in the theory of and empirical methods applied in finance.
  • Well-established network in the international finance community.
  • Fully-funded positions.
  • Continuous and extensive support by the faculty.
  • High quality of life in Vienna.
  • Strong focus on research.